EDMUND stands for English Department Musicians and Bands. In case you’re wondering, we’re talking about English Department as in English Literature, based in Faculty of Arts of Universitas Padjadjaran, which is where i’m currently got into.

So basically, this community is a group of talented young musicians filled with passion and curiosity founded by Fernanda Gunsan, S.Hum (If you’re around Jatinangor and mingle with the local scenesters, then you must be familiar with this guy. This guy is a sound genius, regardless his education background. He’s also the sound engineer for BLURadio). I’m (un)officially their photographer ever since I joined this group. However, starting from 21 November 2014, I unintendedly became their General Manager, replacing the almighty Nanda…..in my last year of college. So there’s the different, Nanda is both the sound engineer and general manager, while I’m the photographer and general manager. Pretty differ, but also similar, no?


EDMUND Photoshoot For ONWARD 


EDMUND at JAMS Cafe Weekly Sessions 

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