#donatooogoesmetal, Metal Convention at Magnitude Hammersonic 2016? Why Not!

It is no doubt that you’ve listened to the old saying of “Results don’t lie”, right? Though sometimes we felt that the universe isn’t on our side, but as the matter of fact, rad result comes from a great effort. Somehow I can relate this to Indonesia’s music scene, especially metal scene. Have you ever wonder, why most metal gigs from studio show even giant festival will most likely full? Be it non cross-genre ones filled with only stoner or death metal bands and the cross-genre ones. It’s because you are now eating the fruits produced by your favorite metal warriors who tirelessly gave this scene a longer breath.

Though we often hear “Being metal is just a phase, can’t really make a living out of it, can I?”, but as it turns out,  the number of scenester who live a decent life from the so-called ‘scene’ is not small either. Wonder why? Because they have this inner steel spirit that urge them to develop the industry and to encourage every stakeholders to work side by side. Is industrializing music wrong? Not a bit. You can make sure someone else’s kitchen, even yours, will always provide edible and proper food, with different menu every other day even is not a bad thing at all, right? Not to mention the amount of people who are inspired by your works.

You know what’s considered bad/wrong? Asking your friend/favorite bands for free stuff all the time. However, though it seems that the music plays the most pivotal and holy work, there are actually other essential roles which can’t be neglected. The industry won’t be sustainable if there’s no record label producing and distributing the musician works, no booking agent/agency/manager promoting the band to organizers, labels, producers, etc, and no other essential roles such as record stores, merch vendors, and so on and so on.

For that matter, Revision Live aware that the public need to be educated about this. Therefore, on its first day (April 16th 2016) Magnitude Hammersonic 2016 will hold a Metal Convention to convene stakeholders who took part in developing the music scene including record labels, agencies, and the bands. I bet not many knows who is Stephen Mellul who have travels around the world as a booking agent for bands like Obscura and Misery Index for 18 years, no? There are also notable names who will be participating in the convention, such as Alex Hodl from District 19 (Austria), duo Extreme Moshpit TV: Eben (Burgerkill) and Gebeg (Taring), ex-journalist stand-up comedian Soleh Solihun, and Thursday Noise host Jimi Multhazam who will host Magnitude Hammersonic 2016 Metal Awards.

Like I said in my previous post, these metalheads need to be appreciated and criticized so they can keep on inspiring the next generation and creating successful songs. However, playing music just for the sake of awards is not fully acceptable, but the idea of there will always people who appreciate us is inspiring, right? Back to the topic, these are the nominees and categories for Magnitude Hammersonic Award 2016:

Dangerous New Band:

Poison Nova







Revenge The Fate




Best Live Band:


Mesin Tempur




Soul of Steel Award:





Critical Defacement

Best Album Of The Year:

Dead Vertical




Social Black Yelling

Inspiration Award

Metal Icon

Most Dedicated Person

Lifetime Achievement Award

The Hammersonic Award

So there you have it! Now you folks know why I’m interested coming to Magnitude Hammersonic 2016, right? I suggest you come too. But should you concerned about the pricy ticket due to the 2 days festival matter, then worry nothing! Because the convention is totally free. So you can educate yourself for free while appreciating your favorite bands as there will be performances by Edane, Noxa, Koil, Jasad, Dead Vertical, Revenge The Fate, and Divine during the conventions. Once again, see you in the pit!


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