#donatooogoesmetal, Magnitude Hammersonic 2016!

If you meticulously follow my twitter feed (which is most unlikely), at least you get the tiny bit of idea about it. Why #donatooogoesmetal? Because it’s going to be my first Hammersonic experience in #MagnitudeHammersonic2016 on the next April 16th – 17th! Gonna have to strengthen my steel soul first. Why do I’m interested going there? 

Simple, ‘cause I’m done skipping Hammersonic. I remember correctly on the first ever Hammersonic (2012), I intended to watch D.R.I but unfortunately failed to make it and I forgot why. Same goes to Hammersonic 2014, when I try to avoid skipping Hatebreed for the second time but somehow failed once again and also forgot why. Thus, with the soul of steel, I’m gonna make sure that I can make it to Magnitude Hammersonic 2016, for Walls of Jericho!

Well actually, there are other bands which attract me to come. Rise of The Northstar, for example, are one of the notably attractive band. I somehow can relate this beatdown/hardcore unit to Tokio Hotel style-wise, only the difference is they are not as tacky and heavier sound-wise. Not only those two, There are other rad international performers such as Asking Alexandria, Angra, Drowning Pool, Suffocation, Internal Bleeding, Darkest Hour, Onslaught, Gorgoroth, and some other bands that are certainly worth to watch.

Local line-up cannot be overlooked too, as there are new and old names involved in Magnitude Hammersonic 2016. Among the many names, ones that I eager to watch are Petaka, Taring, Hellcrust, Noxa, and the-almost-never-absent from every year Hammersonic, Burgerkill. It would be great to present them with Soul of Steel title for their rad perseverance in building the local metal scene.

Hats off, this long-running perseverance is responded positively by Revision Live. Not only providing stage to be thrashed,   Magnitude Hammersonic 2016 also hold a convention and Soul of Steel awards as a pre-event to appreciate these steeled-soul metalheads. This is another great reason for me to come to Magnitude Hammersonic 2016, ‘cause it’s the first convention and awards ever in Hammersonic. I think this is a correct maneuver to inspire other metalheads to keep creating and giving a longer breath for local metal scene. I’ll write some more about it in the next article.

#MagnitudeHammersonic2016 Convention

I assume the mixture of different sub-genres and regions from Asking Alexandria, Angra, Suffocation, Rise of The Northstar, Burgerkill, to Revenge The Fate is an attempt from Revision Live to blur the boundary among metal listeners and gather them all to dance in the same moshpit. I personally support the motion, because this scene wouldn’t meet its glorious day if people are too busy criticizing others’ taste of music that they forgot create something. Improve solidarity, keep on creating, and strengthen your steel soul! See you in the pit.


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