Heals: New FFWD Records Roster!

Great news, everyone! 

It’s official now that Heals (man, you can find numerous posts about them in this blog) are FFWD Records latest recruit. It’s been a while since FFWD Records signed new player in the game, and now they’re signing, probably, the hottest new act in Bandung. Luckily, I have the chance and opportunity to shoot the official band photo for the signing announcement. Took us several photoshoot sessions before FFWD Records approved which photo will be used for the announcement.


The upper photo is what you see in this announcement flyer (the wording is work too, hehe):


While the lower one is the one FFWD Records use on the artist list page on their website.

These photos below are from the previous photo sessions, but possibly will not be used for any publication.

The first two were taken at Paris Van Java, and the latter two were taken at Salian Art (during Ellipsis Adversities Showcase).

If you’re in Jakarta, catch their performance today at Kemang City on Kopi Keliling Creative Festival Tabik Stage, 6 PM Sharp. I’ll be there too, if you wanna have a chitchat (or not).


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