Introducing : UNCANNY

For the love of God, I actually envy every musicians I’ve posted in this blog. Every gigs I watched, every musicians I shot, and every songs I listened reminds me of my undproductivity in terms of music. My life has been unbalanced (this is a little too much by the way) since my highschool band, SPACELAND!, went very unproductive lately. We’re lack of gigs and as the result, I’ve forgotten how it feels to be on stage. My musical journey back in highschool was far more delightful than it is now. I miss evaluating our performance rather than planning future plans. Arising from the frustration, my inner teen angst burs out in rage against my unproductive self into creating something new, something fresh. For that, let me introduce you to my ongoing-process new project, UNCANNY! 

Let me be very concise, this project was a trio-based including: Me doing the vocal and guitar works, Athif Aiman blasting his beats through drums, and Indra Suhyar keeping the pace with nice and tight bassline. I interpret various sounds such as Dinosaur. Jr, Drive Like Jehu, Boris, Sonic Youth, The Black Keys, Morfem, Fugazi, and Emo sounds into a couple of angry-fuzzy songs. I’ll be talking about things happening around me but mostly in a distress way. So expect screaming, ranting, angsty lyrics. The name itself refers to me and maybe almost every other teenagers, who often encounter things so big and so small, so surprising and so unexpected even they can’t define it words. It’s uncanny, so there’s that. As a preview of what I’ve been working on so far, here’s a playlist of UNCANNY‘s rough demo, with no vocals at all. Actually in some parts I did sing, but I can’t blame my phone’s recorder quality. Have a listen and do send me feedbacks! can’t live without feedbacks and critiques these days, eh?


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