Introducing: Rayhan The Daydreamers!

Have you seen “Rayhan Sudrajat” pages under the Projects menu above? If you do (or for those who haven’t, I suggest you start clicking the page so that we are on the same frequency here), now you must have familiar with his name or his background. Now, let me introduce you their (Rayhan Sudrajat as in the band’s name) new name, Rayhan The Daydreamers!

Ey ey ey ey, hold your horses cowboy. Before you click the play button below (or you can simply listen to it while reading it), let me put a concise description. The band were initially aiming to be a bipolar (in a good term) band with one side as a Pop band and another side as an Pop-alternative band with heavy influenced of the archipelago sounds or World Music if you want a simpler classification. Long story short, they decided that the latter side is more promising and stronger in shaping their image.

The good news is, they’re going to release an album entitled “Alam Raya” soon in about 2-3 months ahead. As a preview, the folks have released a teaser single on April 29th 2015 that you can listen, scrobble, download, or do anything with it below. Another thing, the band’d prefer to be called RTD instead of Rayhan The Daydreamers because, you know, it’s shorter and somewhat cool. “Ar Ti Di!” now nevermind the latter. Alright, without further due, have a listen to “Ranying Hatalla Langit” and give ’em some feedbacks. Oh, right, if you want to read the full description see the band’s interview with Roi Radio here. Enjoy!

If you’re wondering why do I even bother promoted this band in my blog and not other bands, the answer is located on the band’s bio in their soundcloud profile. Tee hee, I’m no longer just their photographer, but also their manager. Life does move forward, doesn’t it?


logo rtd warna


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