A Late “Kesan Tentang Rasa” Submission

I. Have. A. Very, very, very. Ugly handwriting. Let alone writing in the dark with minimum visibility of what i’m writing. So before I jump to the “Konser Tentang Rasa” impression, let me apologize for not being able to submit the “feeling” card during and after the event, Mba Lani. He. Besides, the card would possibly can’t hold my “feelings” that I’m about to express now.

Normally, I would review events or performers with lots of photo, but not this time. And the photo you see above was taken at Indonesian Netaudio Festival #2 last November.  Anyhoo, this ain’t going to be a review, it’s purely a “feelings” expression that I supposed to submit at Frau solo concert “Konser Tentang Rasa” last Friday, May 22nd. For those who missed the concert (alright alright, it will be a very concise information), mba Lani and Oskar played about more or less 10-12 songs (CMIIW) from both albums (Starlit Carousel & Happy Coda) with some new and cover songs/poetries. They even played Fake Plastic Trees, which I’d never expect. Limunas, the organizer, gave us a post-card-like commentary card, random drinks (I got susu jahe), a survey card, and a pencil. I did submit the survey card, because it didn’t take to too long to fill but fail to submit the other card. We weren’t allowed to take pictures and videos during the concert, but as you can pretty much guess, there are still some rules breaker that personally annoyed me. I respect the organizer and the musician rules by not carrying a camera even though I was initially came to write review for BLURadio, but why can’t those people did the same?! Not being a saint here, but…I think I’m gonna let that one slide, this time. Right, off we go now to the point. Soooooooo, here’s why.

For me, aside from entertaining and stunning, the concert was also magical. The last time I felt magical was Weezer concert back in 2013. Obviously, Weezer concert was magical due to the emotional factor as a devote listener, source of inspiration, guitar heroes, and whatnot. But this concert, what’s so special? what’s so magical? Maybe there’s more to it than just a concert.

First, this wasn’t the first time I watched Frau with my own eyes (youtube doesn’t count, because it’s technically someone else’s eyes). I’ve actually seen them live twice before at INF #2 gig and An Intimacy Vol. 5.  I don’t know if you’re aware of this or not, but mba Lani seems to have an interest in Bandung because she has visited Bandung three times in just a semester (6 months) with three months interval from stage to stage. Will she later come again to Bandung in August? I don’t know, ask her yourself :p. But that’s not the point. The big difference between this concert with the previous ones was: unlike other gigs where Frau were a part of the line-up, Konser Tentang Rasa was a beautifully and carefully organized solo concert with strong theme and well-placed gimmicks. Mba Lani and Oskar ruled the night. Not to mention Deugalih’s great semi-humor performance, but basically it’s Frau concert so I’m gonna focus on Frau. But thanks to Deugalih for igniting the lights up with his great solo performance and subliminal humors. I think I’ve lost count on how many times I’ve watched Deugalih (or And Folks) performances as they are a regular in my campus events.

Alright, back to Frau. The main features that were spot on by the media was of course the scent, the feats, and the lighting set. True, I could smell the scent waving through my stuffy nose as the songs started. Mad props for the lighting play throughout the concert, especially when (damn I forgot which songs) a bulb flashing through Mba Lani’s back and created a quiet figure of silhouette. If only they allowed us to take photographs, I would have shot darnnnnnnn great photos! Then again, it was my loss ’cause there’s actually a media session I’ve mistakenly missed.  After all, I think this regulation actually played a big role in which created another essential and the most important component: The silence.

No distractions, no hisses, no shutters, just the sound of Oskar accompanying mba Lani speaking out her interpretations of life. In the silence, they took me to their world, Frau world, where even a little thing matters (taking chances and strategy picking in the card game of Empat Satu, for example). As one of the musicians I respect the most and gives me a lot of inspirations in terms of lyrics writing and rhyme making, I felt lucky to have witness Frau giving their best in the best circumstance I could ask for. To top it all was when I look to my right and saw a tiny amount of water trying to break out from Audy’s glistened eyes.

Yes, Audy, my girlfriend, loves Frau musical woks very much. She perhaps has listened to Frau songs intensely long before me. She couldn’t make it to Frau performance back at An Intimacy Vol. 5. Well I was pretty (or very, in fact) busy organizing the gig couldn’t possibly accompany her. But once she managed to watch Frau, it was one of the best performance they ever played. She denied that she’s going to cry tears of joy but I know she was going to be those single tears people and that made my feelings even uncanny. She was overwhelmed. I love it how we managed to watch the concert together despite the fact I almost couldn’t get inside due to. The thing is, I’m happy to have finally took her to see her long-awaited favorite musician concert. We even wished mba Lani would play  Ben Folds song, but what are the chances eh? haha. Who knows what will happen to Audy and me if by any chance  Mba Lani and Oskar played The Luckiest by Ben Folds that night? whatever the chances, we demand you to play it the next time you get to Bandung, mba Lani! :p best of  all, Audy and I sang “Sepasang Kekasih Yang Pertama Bercinta Di Luar Angkasa” together along with 198 other people (or more).

Sooooooo, there’s that. The reasons behind the uncanny mixture of feelings that I fail to submit at the concert. Too much feelings to be written as well as the inability to cut it short. How can I cut it short while at the time this sentence is written the post itself has reached 1040 words?? But nevermind, the important thing is I finally managed to submit the “Kesan Tentang Rasa”. Some words may seems to be an exaggeration, but who cares? I know I’m not the only one who thought the concert was magical when I read mba Lani’s post here. So thank you Frau for a such wonderful night, we had fun. See you in another gigs!

ps: Thank you for noticing Audy as the “ini yang ulang tahun kemarin ya?“, it means the world to her. But actually it was  “relationship anniversary” :p. Yet, still, it’s cool to know that you remember, mba Lani 🙂


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