Pandai Besi @ An Intimacy Vol. 7 (27/03)

Thou shalt embrace the sacred sword of creativity manufactured by the blacksmith. Thou Shalt now seek Pandai Besi to enchant thy sword.

First, I’d like to thank God, despite of the heavy rain prior to the event, for letting us set the stage out in the backyard as it gave new sensation (wtf) and nuance to the crowd and even to me. Second, I’d like to appreciate that it was Pandai Besi who were appointed as the headline.

Pandai Besi fitted the circumstances just fine with the after-rain vibe and backyard scene where people can enjoy the show as if it were in their home. That’s an exaggeration, of course, but I think you’ll somehow agree. Surely about 70% of the audiences were expecting the blacksmith from Jakarta, but some of them made it out to the gig long before the band even arrived. Now that’s what I call “True scenester”, that’s also an exaggeration. Whatever, click the pics to enlarge the awesomeness (the band, not my photos. I’m a half-pessimist, so bear with me here):


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