Pipepole @ An Intimacy Vol. 7 (27/03/15)

Fuzz, Cry Baby, Overdriven bass, Medium-pace drum, and catchy vocals, Pipepole!

Oh how I love Bandung these days. Not for its constant and unpredictable rain, heavier traffic jams, and way-too-high public transportation fare, but for its newly born talents. Not to mention that I disliked the recent music “trend”, but the city needed new sounds as it got boring day by day until the fuzz lord has fulfill his bidding: Brought the fuzz vibe into the city! I might be exaggerating, but this was what I had expected since I came to Bandung: To hear some Yuck-ish bands and grow the scene, because back when my band were still active we were puzzled where to ‘promote’ our music. Perhaps it’s time for a comeback?

Now onto the band’s performance. Surely you’ll agree with me that you’ll find heavy Yuck influence with Dinosaur Jr and Pavement came along in the background. Some advice for the band: keep playing guys, you’ll be big if you’re on the right track. Yeah, said the man who barely on stage in the last 4 years, pfft. Oh, and I forgot to mention that the overdriven bass is a killer, watchout. Lastly, you know what people who has never seen the band and denied their coolness would do after watching them? They will concede (EAAAA). Click to enlarge the pics:


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