Lamebrain @ An Intimacy Vol. 7 (27/03/15)

Do I  need to repeat my previous post’s headline ” Was that The Jimi Hendrix Experience I just saw”? Because every goddamn time I saw them and even post them in this blog, my definition won’t change! It’s Lamebrain! I don’t know whether it’s the too-diversed crowd or the engulfing cold, the audiences seems to be less-appreciating than the one at Sorge #15. I know it’s not apple to apple, but come on, can’t you feel your feet was urging you to move? Nevertheless, Lamebrain were still a beast! an impromptu beast! You should check out they’re jamming on the stage with minor errors. You guys should also pre-order their EP entitled “Overpower” here at Dermaga Records  or mail it to For those who seek modern psychedelic rock infused with 70’s vibe, you’ve find the answer. Click to enlarge the pics:


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