The Schuberts @ Arctic Monkeys Tribute : Magnolia Celebration

Was that Alex Turner who sung Fake Tales of San Fransisco that night? No, It’s The Schuberts!

Normally, I wouldn’t come to AM tributes ’cause I’ve never been their big fans, moreover, I stopped listening to their latest records since Humbug. Also, I’ve never thought that a tribute gig would attract so much people, but surprisingly, I was wrong. The tribute iwas damn full and the tickets have sold out even before the d-day!

As you can guess, Alex Turner-esque youngsters were overwhelming the gig and not to mention the girls who dressed as Alexa Chung. Not necessarily important, but for me, it’s kinda funny. Nevertheless, the gig was well-organized and went smoothly. Props to Arctic Monkeys Bandung for the good work!

Now to the performer, especially The Schuberts (because they were the only one I watched). They played a total of 8 songs from various AM’s albums, from Fake Tales of San Fransisco  to Secret door. Sad, they didn’t play any of their own song, it’s a tribute gig anyway. One commentary that I always, and will always, say after watching their show is: “Drummernya jago banget!”  (The drummer is a fucking pro!). Seriously, go watch them by yourself if you’re not with me. Nuff talking, here goes the photos. Click the pics to enlarge:


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