Alvin and I @ AVACHAYA (07/03/15)

A little adventure through a carved road among the (little) forest, along with leaves scent waving in nice cold weather while sight seeing the old city forest, and voila! There goes the venue lies ahead surrounded by the trees, Hutan Kota Babakan Siliwangi.  Perfectly suits Alvin and I concept and everything. 

Forgive me Bandung, for this was my first time going to Baksil (Babakan Siliwangi) after my third years of college. It’s actually a nice camping-ground-like venue, with wide grass field in the center and not-too-big tribune seats. Speaking of which, the concept of the event was pretty interesting but wasn’t executed perfectly. Who knew that playing Jagwar Ma-esque tunes on DJ set would fit the forest nuance, no? but still, It wasn’t executed perfectly. AND one other thing, who would have guessed that there’s Beer Pong in the middle of the forest? Yap, they did. I’d never thought of that.

K, ’nuff with the venue and the event, let’s talk about the band. I came to shoot Alvin and I for Microgram publication materials in the first place, and I didn’t intend to shoot the others. Like I’ve written before, Alvin and I tunes suited the venue perfectly with their folks songs and nature theme. They played about 5 songs and 1 encore (yep, some people wanted them to do more), but they were interrupted by the sudden rain and maghrib break. Splendid performance, I’d say, but poor stage decoration and lighting setting. So these were my best shots at the gig, see them for yourself. Click to enlarge the pics:


PS: Maybe you, gig promoter, event organizer, or whatever they call you, should think about removing purple lighting and play a more balanced color. I was disappointed by them then, and disappointed now. SO please, take it into account that stage lighting is essential.


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