Jenaka @ Sorge #15 (28/02/15)

Kitsch, mind-fucking, ear-cracking, unconsciousness, and humorous, JENAKA!

This is the real deal, son. Ehm, a prologue first. So Jenaka are my friend’s noise, noise, noise collective, Audry ( if you’re around Jatinangor and Bandung scene, surely you must have heard this name once or hundreds times). After several invitations, I finally made it out to saw and photographed them live at the gig. Long story short, they played lastly at 1.30 am with full unconsciousness, or so it seemed. The only thing I could hear clearly is the drum and bass, the rest is God-knows-what-the-hell-are-they-doing. It’s funny tho, ’cause a guy (the band told me that it was not theirs, but later they told me the guy was actually their friend) went almost completely naked while cursing the shit out him. But that was that, nothing more. A perfect closing for the gig and congratulation Eky! Click to enlarge the pics:


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