Kampoeng Jazz 2014

Reporting for BLURadio, lots of wasted shutter count……in a good way!

Crowded, crowded, crowded as always. Crowded is always identical with Kampoeng Jazz, but as you can figure, this is also a heaven for desperate single boys. I’m not really a Jazz person, but I found myself enjoying the show. Tho it’s a bit blurry, because some of the performers aren’t even Jazz (French Kiwi Juice, Sore (pardon my snobiety)).

Seeing Krakatau was one hell of an experience, they’re indeed a legend. No doubt why Indra Lesmana and Ayu Utami used to rule the tv back then. It was my first time seeing Tortured Soul too, and the remorse (this is an exaggeration) feeling of knowing them too late was just inevitable.  Too bad for Tompi, Past 24-restriction had them stopped the set. The regulation seems to be an ass in anyway, particularly for a big-scale concert.Thankfully at the time this post was written, the police department had relieved the regulation.

But anyways,  the photos(click to enlarge the photo):


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