Gelagat Para Pendiam (#Dumbdumbtour Chapter Jatinangor) (26/09/14)

Barefood, Fernie Sue, and Swell visited Jatinangor as their first destination of #Dumbdumbtour2014 organized by Wasted Rockers. Though we (BLURadio & Pohon Dosa) called it ‘Gelagat Para Pendiam’, it also can be alternatively called ‘Malam Apresiasi Kultur Britania Raya dan Amerika Circa 90an’ (UK’s and US’ 90’s culture appreciation night) ((LULZ)).

Electric Sperm (Bandung based noise-rock unit) also got into the line-up for Jatinangor chapter (only) replacing Vague who couldn’t make it to Jatinangor due to work-related issue. Though I have watched them (Vague) several times already, I still think it would be cool to watch them in my campus ’cause, you know, it’s a rare sight to see here in Jatinangor. Regardless their absence, the gig went pretty rad.

The gig itself took place in Faculty of Arts of UNPAD, particularly in Teras Abu of C Building. Friendly information: To all Jatinangorian, if you want to make a small gig without having yourselves fed-up with the bureaucracy and whatnot, you might want to try this spot. Seriously, the only problem you need to deal is only the lighting. So help yourselves and make the scene even livelier (dafuq).

For the record, the only line-up I’ve seen live before was Barefood. Seen them 2 times already (Lemuria & Rolling Stone Release Party), and seriously, IMO, I’d chose watching them in smaller gigs every time (not that I’m not wishing them to be “big”) .

Electric Sperm were beyond what I’ve expected. I thought they were just some mediocre noise rock band, but turned out pretty sick. They reminded me of Gaung, of whom I eagerly to watch again. Fernie Sue were also cool to watch and sounded like Title Fight. Alta (the vocalist) gave us a demo of his side project (or probably), Eleventwelfth and it is DAMN GOOD. Damn I wish they joined this tour as well. As for Swell, the only thing I could say is ” FUCK! These guys are good!”. Arman Masudi, you’re blessed with skills, please don’t stop playing music. They covered some The Stone Roses’ songs which got me digging The Stone Roses more afterward.

So enough with the blabbering review, here goes the photos (click to enlarge the photos):


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