RELAPSE! Waiting Room Reunion Party

Relapse! Just like a thunder struck, Waiting Room is back and striking the city in a zap!

……..but only for once, because it was a reunion show and they weren’t intending to continue the once glorious Fugazi-esque band.

Matiasu, Vague, Fall, and 7 Deadly Sins also took part in their reunion party. To be honest, what made me wanted to come in the first place is my curiosity of Matiasu and Fall. Matiasu been horrifying the net for months, and I haven’t got a chance to see them. As for Fall, man, these dudes are Emo as fuck. I watched Vague several times already (but never get bored, Yudhis, I worship your guitar playing man…..and your pedals), so it’s a plus. 7 Deadly Sins were also a bonus, ’cause I never intended to watch them live (tho their Stomping Stomping ’99 is kickin’ butts) but as it turned out, they’re punkin’ real good!

Waiting Room played a full set of covering Fugazi. From Bad mouth, Bed For The Scraping, Suggestion, even their band’s name, Waiting Room are played through the night. It was fun, tho there were only a very few of people came. But fuck it, who needs lots of statue when there  are a few alive people singing along? Enough saying, here goes the photos!(click to enlarge the photo):


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