Java Rocking Land Day 2

Day 2, and lots of memorabilia. Suss ’em out.

Again, I’m really sorry i’ve forgotten the details. But have no worries, I’ve wrote it too for BLURadio in their page, here (In Bahasa Indonesia and hell of along post, again). One thing I can remember by seeing my shots, is that most of the pictures are from ‘old’ performers (Rumah Sakit, Sugar Ray, Gigi, etc). That’s why I mentioned this day has a lots of memorabilia and touched my junior highschool self right in the feels. Dafuq, so here it is, without a further blabbering, I present to you the photos of Java Rocking Land Day 2 (click to enlarge the photo):

You may notice or wondering “why the hell in the event so big you didn’t take/post many pictures?”, yea because I enjoyed watching the bands that I forgot to take pictures. So…..yah.


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